movado-ferrari-watchesFerrari is known for having sports watches produced to reflect its iconic car models every year, and this year, the watchmaker that was chosen was the Movado Group. In 2010, Ferrari chose the company Cabestan in France, and just last year, the Swiss Firm Hublot was honored with the job. This year, the Italian Movado Group gets a chance to render the Ferrari and the Ferrari Scuderia’s personalities into their own designs. This is a tall order because in 2009, another Italian watch maker, the Paneria, made such a huge success when they rendered the Ferrari cars into their watch designs.

The products will be luxury watches and would be pegged at around $2000 apieace. They’re certainly not cheap purchases, but should be attractive to Ferrari fans worldwide. These will be marketed globally, and could be bought in wholesale or retail from Ferrari stores.

According to Movado, the design will be largely inspired by the exterior of the Formula 1 cars and car parts. They said they were going to make sure that the design would be very identifiable to Ferrari cars. Luca di Montezemolo, on the other hand, is extremely excited about the collaboration. Movado, after all, also produces watches for huge brands like Hugo Boss, Lacoste, and Coach.

The Ferrari boss further stated that he is looking forward to seeing the fruit of Movado’s expert designs. Fans around the world have always flocked to purchase Ferrari watches even if the price range is pretty high. Most Ferrari fans who can’t afford the cars themselves are more than happy to own at least a luxury watch which celebrates the Formula 1 car’s design.

If you’re interested, you might want to check out the Annual Watch and Jewelry Fair to be held in Basel, Switzerland this 2013. The Ferrari-Movado watches would be showcased there.