dodge viper srt10The association of Chrysler to Fiat brings some rumors that it might be using a V10 Ferrari derived engine for the next generation of the Dodge Viper. It will definitely be a welcome

Just a few months back, Chrysler was trying to get rid of the Dodge Viper brand as bankruptcy loomed dark on its future. The attempt to sell the brand only got a single bid from the low end amounting to $5.5 million. The top executive of Chrysler wants the brand to live on and run on a Ferrari power plant.

The reports are unofficial still though but the Dodge Viper getting more raw power might transform the brand into a powerhouse which can redefine the lineup of Dodge in the current competitive market.

The V10 on the drawing boards will be an extension of the V8 from the Fiat line up. The Viper will be having a crossbreed with cylinder banks on 90 degrees, valves actuated by pushrods, but not having the same flat crank like that in the Ferrari.